What we are looking for

We need your creative ideas to uncover new applications and devices to address a wide and expanding range of emerging markets. 
We’re looking to explore fresh opportunities across all of the following areas: HDR; connected cars; hotspots; ATM; aero; telemedicine; and banking. That’s an exciting list, and it is by no means exhaustive.


✓ Software defined radio (SDR)
✓ Software develop kit (SDK) to customize/integrate existing apps onto the VIP Turbo platform
✓ Supports all Thuraya services including broadband data


✓ Lowest cost module
✓ Very small footprint (credit card size)
✓ Supports Thuraya narrowband services including voice, GmPRS and fax


✓ Small size (one-third the size of VIP Turbo)
✓ Designed for low power consumption
✓ Supports all Thuraya services including broadband data


✓ Designed for M2M/IoT applications
✓ Low latency
✓ Secure: Asynchronous 256 bit encryption

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